In the summer, the grass grows and the students return-the first batch of students who return to school -"go home with peace of mind"-Southwest Minzu University


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In the summer, the grass grows and the students return-the first batch of students who return to school -"go home with peace of mind"
June 9, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News on 31st May. The gardenia blossomed and the student returned. On May 31st, the first batch of students officially returned to the school in batches and in phases at different times. On the first day of returning to school, the school was in order, and the students who returned to school safely filled the campus with vitality once again.
On the afternoon of the 31st, school leaders, Yang Min, Liu Yubin, En Jia, Wang Wei, Sanlang zhaxi, and Bao Lina, came to the check-in point to welcome the students to return to school. "Welcome home!" In the waiting area of the South Gate of the airport campus, the school leaders sent cordial greetings to the students who returned to school. After that, the school leaders went to the student dormitory, library, check-out point and other points to guide the work, "Where did you come back? How was the trip? Did you get the job?" At the School of Art, school leaders kindly inquired about the student's returning journey and employment situation, and learned about the work of each workplace in detail. The school leaders expressed their gratitude to various departments for their hard work and requested that all the work of returning to school must be student-centered, for the sake of students, serving the students, carefully implementing the care and love for students.
"Come back!", a simple greeting made the students feel the warmth of "going home". Early in the morning, the instructors and the staff of the Logistics, and Security who were waiting for the students at their posts smiled and greeted the students cordially, asked the students about their vacation, and guided them complete every step of the back-to-school process carefully.

Scanning code and registration, baggage disinfection, changing masks, temperature detection, identity verification, scanning code into the building...... Students strictly entered the school in accordance with the return process. The instructors also accompanied them to the dormitory and patiently advised them of the precautions after returning to school. After returning to his familiar campus and seeing a long-awaited instructor, Luo Mengen, a graduate of School of Sports said, "After nearly four months’ being away from the school, I re-enter the campus and the familiar campus of the University of the People come into my view. I am very kind. When I arrived at the south gate of the school, I saw my teacher Qiu Ping waiting for us. I have been looking forward to it. The greetings and smiles when we met were the most cherished memories of this graduation season. How precious!"
In order to welcome students back to school safely, the school has made all the preparations in the early stage. Warm and intimate arrangements are everywhere on the campus: ground guidance signs posted from the waiting area in the South Gate, doctors and nurses at the school hospital on standby, disinfection supplies distributed to each bedroom, additional safety exits, reminder strips on the cafeteria seats...Every detail reflects the school's emphasis on students returning to school.
The students who have been at home for a long time to fight against the epidemic and study came back to the long-missed campus again, and when they saw the pragmatic measures that were intimate and heart-warming, they all felt very cordial. Zhang Xinghui, a graduate of the School of Urban Construction, said that as the first batch of students to return to school after the outbreak, he was full of anticipation after receiving the notification of returning to school. Whether the campus was still the same, he finally got his wish now. As a graduate, he said he would keep everything in and thank the alma mater for the efforts to students’ returning to school. "Thanks to our alma mater, see you in the future!" This is not not only what he wanted to say, but also the common voice of every student who returned to school.
In order to better protect the health and safety of the students, the school has also carefully prepared a "love epidemic prevention package" for students who return to school, including disposable medical surgical masks, thermometers, disposable antibacterial hand washing gel, alcohol wipes and other epidemic prevention supplies. After receiving the love epidemic prevention package, Chen Shuangyi, a graduate of School of Arts, felt warm in her heart. She said, "We gathered at SMU on the occasion of the blooming of the May in Chengdu City, which makes the graduation season under the epidemic situation more memorable and memorable. 'Special graduation season' is a unique youth. Thanks to the teachers and staff of the school and college for their hard work, which provides a solid guarantee for our 2020 graduates to return to school! You have worked hard!"

Fragrance was drunk in midsummer and welcomed the students back. The graduates have returned to the familiar campus and will soon set sail again from here to start their new journey. As Zhang Encheng, a graduate of the School of Yi Studies, said in an interview, "Youth is the hope of the country and we will soon enter the society, we must fight to be the most brilliant dawn. When the country needs us, we shoule stand up and dedicate our youthful strength to make this society more beautiful and warmer."

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