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Being Selected Sichuan "the most beautiful college students "! Look how beautiful she is, from Southwest Minzu University.
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SUM News on 8th, June Recently, the list of Sichuan's "most beautiful college students" published, which was sponsered by Sichuan Women's Federation, Sichuan Education Department and Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office, Akadanmu Mai Jiang (hereinafter referred to as Akadanmu) was listed among them, which is from Shcool of Tourism and History and Culture of Southwest Minzu University. Determined eyes, just like her four years’ life in SMU, has been confident and calm, with brilliant youth.

The experience of growing up in SMU has shapened her temperament
Looking back in the four years’ university life, Akadanmu was very grateful to meet the partners and teachers," I would like to tell every teacher's story, and I graduated, how reluctant!"
"The harder you study, the greater you will grow up ," is Akadanmu’s motto; however, the learning road is still very long for her. Friends said she was "workaholic ", but she said she just tried to do everything well, “I always feel that the enthusiasm and determination for one thing, will greatly affect its efficiency." In may 2018, she served as the first chairman of the college self-management committee (hereinafter referred to as the self-management committee). She remembered very well, on the founding of the conference, the new star theater was full of people," at the moment of taking the flag of the self-management committee, she really felt the responsibility."
When she first took office, what Akadanmu most wanted to do was to give each member a sense of security, a sense of belonging, and to build self-management committee into a warm family, and she did so. Once the meeting ended very late, Akadanmu returned to the office alone to organize materials, friends worried that she was afraid of the dark, and do not want to affect her work, they were just waiting for her outside the office. Having found everyone outside the office, although the sky was very dark, she felt extremely warm and bright in her heart.
"It is better to pactise than to sit and talk," Akadanmu has been innovative and never limited herself to square inch desk. So with the idea of serving the minority students to study and obtain employment, Akadanmu, under the guidance of her teacher, Alkenjiang Kurban, combined with the existing materials, step by step, set up a "pomegranate seed" studio. At first, Akadanmu was also a timid girl, but her teacher often encouraged her, “if you do not try, how you know you can not”, with the support of the teacher and their own determination, Akadanmu slowly has had the confidence to organize the students to try constantly.
So far, "pomegranate seed" studio often organized students to participate in national cultural and creative exhibition contest, theme lectures and other activities. They have done quite wel in the folk dance contest for several years. 

Chinese Culture Nourishing Connotation
When entering SMU, "Respect is the best solution", Akadanmu said, in the face of a new environment. Students should understand each other, learn each other, and enjoy the unique charm of SMU", she has also let more people feel the charm of Xinjiang with her own efforts,.
When carrying out the project of college students innovation, the micro-blog "the warmth of 2000 baked grubs from uncle Xinjiang" attracted the attention of the team, they found Alida through various channels, which was a shy and honest uncle Xinjiang. In 2008 he sent 2000 baked grubs to wenchuan in 36 hours, and he cooked for everyone in the disaster area. Through face-to-face conversation and interviews, Akadamu learned that "there are countless independent individuals in this city with their own love to warm the world ", just like this sudden outbreak, everyone can unite to overcome the difficulties.
During the summer of 2019, having represented Southwest Minzu University, she participated in science popularization contest of Minzu universities, as a Uygur and Chinese bilingual science popularization volunteer, Akadamu introduced the world's third largest lavender hometown, which is also her hometown——Huocheng County. During the early preparation, as a liberal arts student, Akadamu encountered the professional chemical noun explanation difficulties of lavender components. Her knowledge was not enough to support the content of this popular science, and the reference information was also very difficult for her to really understand; finally, with the teacher's help in the science and technology department, she contacted the teacher of Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine to solve the problem. After the competition, Akadanmu achieved second place, she used her own way in this comprehensive stage to show the "Belt and Road" economic belt rapid development of Huocheng, Xinjiang. “We' re the best business card for our hometown”, she said, “We can let more people know about our hometown through our own actions”.
During the four years of university life, every winter and summer vacation, Akadanmu would be the state-funded policy propagandists and went back to the alma mater for publicity, Huocheng, Xinjiang. She always believed that if doing more "a little ", growing more " a little ", being happy more "a little ", dream will come true quickly " a little ". 

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